Authentically Sustainable. Radically Transparent.

We use the brushed out undercoat of certain dog breeds to make high quality yarns. By using a resource which has been overlooked for centuries we are able to create yarns with minimal ecological resources. No single animal needs to be bred for this purpose. No animal is harmed. Each of our sheeps has its‘ own shepherd.

The Chiengora® Beanie
  • “Hair of the dog? Let’s wear that.”

  • ”The Wool industry currently imports high quality fibres from around the world, while the source is often walking directly in front of our faces. With us making this resource available to the textile industry; we are able to correct a systemic error.”

  • “La jeune marque de mode allemande Modus Intarsia a  développé un fil de haute qualité à partir du sous-poil des chiens, qui est normalement peigné et finit à la poubelle. “