„I love noble, expensive wools like French Angora. That's why I was immediately fascinated when I got my hands on this insanely soft yarn some time ago."


Betoly Teboul, Creative Direction at Lou de Bètoly.


About Lou de Bètoly

Lou de Betoly is a french designer, who works in Berlin. From her inspirational sources like chaos, surrealism or nostalgia she creates unique pieces that blur the line between fashion and art. She aligns punk and aristocracy through traditional craftswomanship mixed with radical designs and innovative materials. From Chiengora original yarns and upcycled jewellery, Lou de Betoly created hand-knitted and crocheted unique pieces such as bikinis and artful tops.


About Chiengora x Lou de Betoly

Lou and Ann met in Berlin for coffee back in 2020 to talk about Chiengora yarns. Lou received some samples to work with shortly afterwards but something didn‘t feel right yet. It wasn‘t after the next larger production of yarns that she started working with a range of Chiengora® by yarn sustain. Including unique pieces in her collection.