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Together with you, we develop desired products from Chiengora and also accompany the production process from start to finish. Our team has extensive know-how in the areas of design, product development and production. We also have a wide network of production facilities that can produce your desired product authentically and sustainably.

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Our Chiengora® yarns

You are welcome to order our two unique Chiengora® qualities from us.

Chiengora® Original: high proportion of dog fiber, its feel is reminiscent of Angora

MOQ: 50kg

Chiengora® Chienmere: lower proportion of dog fiber, its feel is reminiscent of cashmere

MOQ: 250kg

finished products

Full purchasing & product development

We have already developed products from Chiengora, you can order them from us in full purchase at MOQ's equivalent to 50kg yarn.

You have an idea for a product from Chiengora? We have the world's leading expertise in our yarns, as well as a large network of local players in the textile supply chain. Get in touch with us if you want to make your vision of a collaboration a reality with us.

finished products

sold by the metre

We are happy to produce yard goods exclusively for you from our Chiengora® with an individual chain and pattern from a running length of 1000m (guaranteed delivery time).

If the number of running meters is less than 300m, we will do our best to be able to place your desired chain and desired binding as an order with our weaving partners in a timely manner.

We also offer fleece as a filling material for quilted products, which is made from a waste product from our production.

customer testimonials
customer testimonials
I was immediately impressed by the quality of the Chiengora material, the beautiful color and the handfeel. In the close cooperation with YarnSustain, all-round high-quality products have been created and I am delighted that such a special raw material is now enriching our range.
— Anna Funke-Schütz, Product & Project Management, Accessories Specialist Wildling Shoes GmbH
Wildling x Chiengora baby shoes
customer testimonials
“I love noble, expensive wool, Angora for example, preferably French products. That's why I was immediately fascinated when I got my hands on this incredibly soft yarn a while ago."
— Odély Teboul, creative director of the Lou de Bètoly label
Limited capsule with our Chiengora® Original
customer testimonials
“We were immediately enthusiastic about YarnSustain's idea of ​​processing a previously unused raw material. Also against the background of sustainability, we absolutely wanted to support the project and give our customers the opportunity to be part of it.”
— Jan Alt, Managing Director ZOEPPRITZ 1828
Snappy scarf ZOEPPRITZ 1828 x Chiengora®
customer testimonials
“As a manufacturer that mainly relies on natural materials, there are rarely any real innovations on the yarn market for us. Yarns made from dog fibers are known in other parts of the world to alleviate rheumatism, but are produced with craftsmanship. When we heard about the development of an industrially spun yarn and the possible use of it in health/heat and local pain therapy in our country, we immediately pricked our ears.”
— Tobias Katz, Managing Director of Peters GmbH
Body warmer medima x Chiengora®




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