1. Via Chiengora

Where do the dog fibers for our yarns come from?

We have founded the non-profit association "Rohstoffe Retten - modus intarsia eV" (iG) to organize the procurement of pet wool for the yarns on a non-profit basis. Starting as a modus intarsia project, we have built up a unique crowdsourcing network with the association and now regularly collect the dog fibers from more than 1,000 pet owners and dog salons throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The association sells the raw wool to us and donates 100% of the profits to animal welfare projects that can be chosen by the raw material donors. In this way, the association ensures that nobody can earn money with our beloved pets. This prevents a market - and thus potential animal suffering - from developing for dog wool. The undercoat of dogs is therefore a pure by-product of loving pet ownership.

Do you get the dog wool as a raw material for free?

no We buy the fibers for our yarns from the non-profit association "Raw Materials Rescue" modus intarsia eV(iG). This in turn donates the profits to animal and environmental protection, is committed to education about raw materials to create more awareness. We want to value the fibers without jeopardizing the development of a market for dog fibers.

What is Chiengora® Original or Chiengora® Chienmere?

Chiengora® original and Chiengora® Chienmere are natural, animal-ethical and ecologically sustainable noble yarns. You can find out more about our yarn qualities here.

What are the benefits of Chiengora® by Yarnsustain?

✓ Extremely animal ethical

✓ High thermal insulation

✓ Soft on the skin

✓ No pilling

✓ Efficient resource utilization of the earth

What is the difference between modus intarsia, Chiengora & Yarnsustain?

Über „modus intarsia“ wird die Wolle gesammelt. Es ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der Rohstoffe rettet und an den Tierschutz spendet.

„Chiengora®“ ist das entwickelte Garn aus Hundefasern.

„Yarnsustain“ ist der Produzent, also die GmbH.


I have a strange feeling about this. How do I get rid of my prejudices against pet wool products?

Do not worry. This is the case for many who hear from us for the first time. The easiest method is to convince yourself and feel Chiengora on a product. Give it a try. Here are our bestsellers.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​processing dog wool?

Anyone who, like us, has a dog, cat or other pet with a lot of fur in the house will certainly know the saying "you could knit a sweater out of it" once you have combed your animal. At the same time, as textile engineers and designers from the sustainable textile industry, we were looking for a truly sustainable raw material that would not require any additional resources. And sometimes the solution is literally at your feet. After small initial tests, we then decided to develop an industrial application for this raw material.

Can I also order a product made from my pets' undercoat from you?

With us, Chiengora® by Yarnsustain, that is not possible. However, this service is offered by the associationRohstoffe Retten - modus intarsia eV(iG). There you can send in the collected wool free of charge and even select finished products from a catalogue.

How durable are products from Chiengora?

The longevity of our products depends very much on your loving care. For this reason, only wash products from Chiengora with delicates or wool detergent and treat them with care. Chiengora is a fine yarn, comparable to cashmere, and with proper care is a durable product.

Since we try to use as little elastane as possible, our products can lose their shape after long wear. But that's not bad at all, because the material springs back into its original shape after washing.

Have you been to "The Lion's Den"?

Yes, we dared to enter the lion's den and presented our ethically correct and authentically sustainable Chiengora® products and yarns there. You can find out whether the lions have gone to the dogs on December 12, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on VOX.

2. Customer Service


You can find our shipping and delivery conditions here .

Delivery before Christmas

If you on 21.12. If you order before 11 a.m., your order will still arrive. However, we have to rely on the information provided by Deutsche Post, which we use as the shipping service provider.


Our terms of payment can be found in our terms and conditions. Note that we can only process orders with Klarna once Klarna has processed the payment. This usually takes 1-2 working days.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer free returns. You can find everything about returns here .

Where can I buy Chiengora® yarns and products?

We know that nothing convinces you of Chiengora® like holding the yarn or product in your hand and feeling the warm, soft touch. Under Retailer you will find a list of hand knitting shops that stock our yarns. As soon as new stores are added, you will find them listed there.

3. Care

How do I wash Chiengora® Original products?

Smaller stains can be removed with a damp cloth and cold water. Hand wash or dry cleaning.

To remove everyday odors from products, they can simply be hung up in a damp bathroom after a shower, for example.

How do I wash Chiengora® Chienmere products?

Smaller stains can be removed with a damp cloth and cold water. We recommend hand washing. Wash on the wool cycle with a wool or delicates detergent at low temperatures (max. 30°C). Do not spin. Dry flat on a towel. Do not put in the dryer.

To remove everyday odors from products, they can simply be hung up in a damp bathroom after a shower, for example.

Do Chiengora® products smell like a wet dog when they get wet?

no Dog fibers do not have wool fat, such as sheep wool. In addition, the raw wool is thoroughly cleaned and washed before further processing. This step also keeps the wool odor-free when it gets wet again.

Can allergy sufferers wear Chiengora® products?

The raw wool is thoroughly cleaned and washed by us, so that an allergic reaction through the fibers is unlikely. However, since a reaction cannot be ruled out in principle, we would like to point out that there is a small risk of reaction from animal hair allergy in the form of a contact allergy.

If the wearer is allergic to dog hair, wearing a product made from dog fibers is at your own risk.

Do I put allergy sufferers at risk if I wear products from Chiengora, for example on public transport or at a meeting?

For everyone around you, there is no need to worry. So you don't endanger anyone if you wear textiles made from our yarns.

4. Send in wool

Can I join with my pet?

Yes, every fluffy nose can take part and save raw materials from being wasted! You can easily buy a dispatch note and select the animal welfare organization that you would like to support with your submission via our Rohstoff Retten/ modus intarsia eV(iG) .

Do you also buy my pet wool directly?

no However, there is an exception for our first contacts, who have been sending in regularly for years and in fiber quality that we have checked. You have an option for direct payout. There is a strict limit to the amount that can be submitted annually. This is how we prevent anyone from viewing dog fiber collection as a relevant source of income. However, this direct payment only relates to these veterans of our network. All new collectors collect through the Rohstoff Retten Verein.

Are dogs bred, kept or even tortured for the wool?

no No animal is kept, bred or even tortured for Chiengora®. On the contrary: around 35% of all dog breeds have an undercoat and must be combed regularly, especially during the change of coat. The intention of collecting and the associated regular combing out during this time promotes animal welfare. Until now, the valuable resource of dog fibers has been overlooked and thrown away. If the entire amount of raw material for the Chiengora® were collected, around 7.5 million cashmere goats would not have to be kept for their wool. Thus, this raw material can even help to reduce further animal suffering when Chiengora replaces other yarns. Even better: Every donation of fur to the association " Resources Rescue - modus intarsia eV(iG) " generates a monetary donation to animal welfare.

Because the wool for our Chiengora® is collected through our 100% non-profit organization, save our raw materials / modus intarsia eV(iG), nobody out there can make money off their dog wool, and we can nip potential exploitation in the bud. Our own material standard is already in the works and will be launched in 2022.

Why not buy dog ​​wool from private individuals or small businesses that could cater to it, that would be so much easier.

Yes, that would be it. But that would also mean that we would encourage a market for the fibers of our beloved pets, and we don't want that. Our vision is to revolutionize the textile industry at its core and not fall into the same patterns that have existed for centuries.

Can I find out afterwards which product my pet's wool is in?

Our vision is such a transparent supply chain from the pet to the end product that at some point the individual sender will find out when a product from their own beloved pet is coming onto the market. In addition, a custom-made product is always possible. If you agree to the data transfer when sending in pet wool, you will receive a message as soon as we sell products with your pet's fibers. It's best to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss the launch.