Ann C. Schönrock produces the first hand knitting yarns from the underwool collected from her dog Emma and wool from dog salons in cooperation with small German spinning mills, beginning of the development of a crowdsourcing network.


The first hand knitting yarns are successfully sold in Berlin knitting shops. The network is constantly growing.


The network of collectors is growing steadily and cracks the 500 dog lovers.


The high demand and constant sale of the yarns give rise to the desire to produce an industrially relevant amount of yarn. Ann Cathrin asked textile engineer Franziska Uhl if they would like to develop an industrial knitting process together and if she would like to get involved in the project.

April 2020 - April 2021

Spin-off of the GmbH as part of the EXIST start-up grant and development of the industrial yarn under laboratory conditions, development of the first finished products from Chiengora.


Successful crowdfunding campaign and subsequent risk investment by Wildling Shoes GmbH.


Textile conferences, awards and funding programs. Yarnsustain enables the successful implementation of a master textile design concept for a biodegradable sneaker "Sneature" by Emelie Burfeind, which has received international awards. Awarded by Gucci, among others.


Merger with the "Chiengora Project" from Italy/France (capital increase), internationalization of the network; Joint visit to the headquarters at Loro Piana.


Entry as a full service B2B supplier. Launch of the first product collaborations with Wildling, Lou de Bétoly, BLESS and medima.

December 2022

Participated in "The Lion's Den". The broadcast is on December 12, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on VOX. Don't have a TV? You can stream here!