YarnSustain and retraced will cooperate in the future and together show how deep insight into one's own supply chain can go. The cooperation combines the unique skills of both companies: YarnSustain can trace the origins of the raw materials down to the animal in the yarn and would like to make this technically transparent with retraced as a partner.
From the individual animal to the product

Together we raise transparency to a new level

Our vision is to make transparency possible in both directions. In the future, consumers should know from which animals the undercoat was processed in our yarns. At the same time, however, the dog owner should also be able to know what exactly happened to the fibers of the beloved pet.

“The vision of making our supply chain transparent, starting with the individual pets from which the fibers in the yarn come, through to the finished product in both directions for both end customers and pet owners is a big one with the partnership (with retraced). A little bit closer and an important step in our development of the technical implementation.”

Ann Cathrin Schönrock, Founder & Managing Director, Yarnsustain GmbH