Together we change our footprint! With this guiding principle, the minimal shoe manufacturer Wildling and YarnSustain are launching their first joint limited edition. The collection includes fluffy-soft first and baby socks made from Chiengora® by YarnSustain and warming cuffs for adults. This is how the resource savers of the present and the future crawl and run together, well warmed and particularly resource-saving through the winter.

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baby socks

The Wildling x Chiengora® baby and baby socks are cosy, soft and comfortably warm. Because the Chiengora® has a particularly high proportion of hollow fibers, which have exceptionally good climate-regulating properties. The ingenious shape of the socks and the cuffs guarantee a good fit when the resource savers of the future try to crawl for the first time.


The Wildling x Chiengora® cuffs warm the joints and muscles in the legs, especially in the cold season. Due to the high proportion of hollow fibers in the yarn, which have exceptionally good climate-regulating properties, you won't freeze even on long winter walks.

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