“Always keeping an eye on yesterday to make today and tomorrow special” the cooperation between Chiengora ® and ZOEPPRITZ 1828 combines know-how about the creation of fine textiles and high-quality processing with the innovative Chiengora ® yarn made from unused and rescued dog fibers . The story of ZOEPPRITZ 1828 began around 200 years ago with the brothers Jacob & Georg Zoeppritz and a common vision: to enrich people's lives with textiles of exceptional quality. With success. As the oldest weaving mill in Europe, ZOEPPRITZ designs extraordinary collections for living, sleeping, bathing and dressing in 1828.

A woven bridge between tradition and future

The timelessly designed wool scarf takes up the noble feel and weaving technique of the pashminas traditionally made from cashmere in the Himalayas. پشم or pašm means “shawl made of wool” in Persian dialect. By using the innovative and authentically sustainable Chiengora® yarn, ZOEPPRITZ 1828 and YarnSustain have succeeded in weaving a bridge between tradition and future into the product.