Chiengora® x medima® kidney warmer

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✓ warming in the area of the kidneys and the pelvic floor

soft, elegant grip

pleasant wearing comfort

✓ helps with period pain

✓ developed with product experts

✓ promotes animal welfare

detailed description

The warmer made of Chiengora© is an ideal everyday companion for the cold winter months and provides a lot of warmth due to the special, climate-regulating properties of the hollow fibers. It is also suitable all year round if there is a particular need for heat in the abdominal region, e.g. during the period.

Back warmers and kidney warmers store heat thanks to the natural insulation of dog hair directly on the body. Cold air from outside is kept away. This creates an even heat depot, which helps to keep the muscles supple and the joints flexible. For example, textiles made from dog fibers can be used to prevent pain as well as to relieve existing pain naturally.

Material composition Chiengora®

62% Lyocell (TENCEL)
26% dog fiber (animal hair)
12% elastane

Fit & Size Chart

Size S/M:
Waist size 65 - 88
Hips 82 - 100

Size L/XL
Waist size 89 - 113
Hips 100 - 116

care instructions

The item can be washed in the washing machine on the wool cycle.

After washing, dry flat and pull into shape.

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This product is shipped separately from our cooperation partner medima. This means you may receive more than one package.

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